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CFP: Parenting, Parenthood and Gender in Contemporary Asia

Theme: "Parenting, Parenthood and Gender in Contemporary Asia"

Journal: Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific

Guest editors: Kristina Göransson, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Lund University and Lisa Eklund, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, Lund University

This edition of Intersections invites papers that address the ways in which material and emotional investments in childrearing are rendered meaningful, and its implications for family life, parenting strategies and gender relations. The aim of the special issue is twofold: (1) to contribute with a more nuanced understanding of the empirical realities of shifting norms and practices surrounding parenting and parenthood, and (2) to further develop theory which contributes to understanding the intersections between gender, sexuality and generation when it comes to parenting and parenthood. We invite papers from researchers working in relevant fields, such as anthropology, sociology, gender studies, media studies, Asian studies, history, social work, and more.

Please visit for further details.

Abstracts (500 words) are due 15 February 2015 to the guest editors.

Master of Science Programme in Social Studies of Gender at Lund University

The application period for  Master of Science Programme in Social Studies of Gender is open for enrollment. Application deadline is January 15, 2015 for the study period 28/08/2015 - 09/06/2017.
This is an interdisciplinary social science master’s programme. It focuses upon how gender and feminist research, in dialogue with other social science subjects, contribute to the understanding of resistance and change in inequalities and relations and practices of power.

The major aim of the programme is to encourage students to develop their ability to critically examine, evaluate and discuss the field’s most important theoretical perspectives and to be able to formulate and analyse the interconnection between theory and practice in issues related to gender, class, ethnicity and sexuality.

The Social Studies of Gender Programme is given jointly by feminist / gender scholars from the Departments of Gender Studies, Development Studies, Education, Political Science, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Pedagogy, Sociology of Law and the School of Social Work at Lund University.   The program provides the opportunity for internships and international exchange semester.

The medium of instruction is English. This means that lectures, seminars and examination will be in English.

More information about the programme is available at:

Information on applying to Swedish universities is available at:

Short facts about the Master programme:
·         Students will acquire a degree of Master of Science in Social Studies of Gender with a major in their previous field of study in the Social Sciences.  
·         It is a fully interdisciplinary Social Science Master programme that is taught at a top-ranking university
·         There are no tuition fees for EU/EEA citizens
·         Normal duration of the programme is 2 years of full-time studies (120 ECTS)
·         The medium of instruction is English

Application deadline is January 15, 2015.  The next cohort will begin in September 2015.

Please find enclosed a poster and a programme sheet with information about the programme. We would appreciate if you could take the time and effort to make them accessible to interested students

Phone: 046-222 49 83; 046-222 31 30.
Programme Coordinators: Milan Burke, Shoshana Item and Helena Falk
Program Director: Sara Goodman

4th International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy CFP

This is a CALL FOR PAPERS for the 4th International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy, which happens Feb 13-14, 2015, in Berkeley, California (USA). The majority of presentation spots have already been spoken for, but there is still room for a few more.

(If this first link does not work with your system, try the second one, or cut and paste the link manually into your browser).

This event will be devoted to presentations of scientific and academic research related to polyamory, open relationships, swinging, other forms of consensual nonmonogamy, and related subjects. Presentations will cover various topics that offer some possible progress to a deeper and more complete understanding of the phenomenon of consensual nonmonogamy. Issues related to both nonmonogamous and monogamous relationships will be explored from an interdisciplinary perspective, in as objective and unbiased a manner as possible. 

Any presentation that discusses the prevalence of monogamy or nonmonogamy at any particular place, time, or society, or which offers some potential insight into the changing nature of such attitudes and practices over time will be considered. Strong preference is given for presentations with obvious direct relevance to issues related to possible future changes in attitudes about monogamy and nonmonogamy. 

We strive to make this a strongly interdisciplinary conference. Presentations can include research related to psychology, sociology, neuroscience, sociocultural studies, anthropology, political science, historical studies, future projections, media studies, examinations of art, folklore and mythology, or any other area of scholarship related to the subject of consensual nonmonogamy. 

Preference is for completed projects, but works in progress will also be welcome. Emphasis is on original work not published or previously presented, but exceptions may be made for material deemed especially relevant to the theme of the event. Papers and projects from graduate and undergraduate students will also be welcome. 

Papers will be published after the conference in online proceedings with a confirmed ISBN number/reference. There will be no length limit for submissions, but the presentations will be limited to 30 minutes, with ten minutes dedicated to questions, answers, and discussion following each presentation. Proposed presenters are encouraged to send inquires as early as possible. 

The deadline for proposals is Dec 15, 2014. Send initial queries and proposal summaries to :

Doctoral Scholarships in East Asian Studies at GEAS, Freie Universitaet Berlin

The Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS), funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments, will admit up to 17 doctoral candidates to its program, beginning October 1st, 2015. Twelve candidates will receive a grant funded through the Graduate School, up to two PhD candidates can be considered for special funding provided by the DAAD (GSSP Program). The Graduate School will also consider to accept up to three candidates who receive funding either from other Freie Universität Berlin programs, from partner institutions in East Asia (CSC, etc.), or through scholarships provided by German or international organizations.

We offer PhD stipends of € 1365 €/month (plus 103 €/m research allowance). Fellowships will initially be granted for one year, and contingent upon a positive evaluation after each year of study, fellowships will be extended for another year. The fellowship may be granted for a maximum of three years.
Doctoral dissertations at GEAS are expected to analyze the institutional environment of social, political, cultural and economic actors in the East Asian region (China, Japan and/or Korea). All dissertation research at GEAS will be conducted in the context of the three interconnected research lenses of its academic profile: (1) the origin and change of institutions in East Asia, (2) the effects institutions have on processes related to globalization and modernization in East Asia on the side of governments, bureaucracies or business and individual life-styles or related preferences, and, finally, (3) the interdependencies of institutions in East Asia within and beyond its regional boundaries.
Successful applicants will have an above average master’s degree in either area studies (Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies) or a discipline represented at the Graduate School (Political Science, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Business, Economics, Law, History, Cultural Studies, Humanities, Theatre Studies, Environmental Policy) with a focus on East Asia. The language of instruction is English. Successful candidates will also show proof of language skills in an East Asian Language (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) at a level of B2 (CEFR) or higher.
Applications should include a CV, a letter of academic interest, a brief outline of the prospective dissertation topic (maximum 6 pages), a schedule for the dissertation, and copies of certificates of your relevant degrees and language skills. Two letters of recommendation shall be sent directly by your referees to GEAS via the online application system. For more information and guidelines as well as for applications, please register at the online application portal:
The next application deadline will be January 16, 2015. For questions on admission and the online portal, please also consult the Admission FAQ at our webpage. The screening takes place in January and February 2015. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed (via Skype) in April 2015 at the latest. Candidates accepted for admission into GEAS will receive notice by early to mid-May 2015.
For additional information, please check our website and feel free to contact us. No legal entitlement shall be constituted by applying to the program. Reasons for rejections will not be disclosed.
GEAS Application Team
Graduate School of East Asian Studies
Freie Universität Berlin
Hittorfstr. 18
14195 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30-838-59697
Fax: +49 (0)30-838-459697
Katrin Gengenbach
Graduate School of East Asian Studies
Freie Universitaet Berlin
HIttorfstr. 18
14195 Berlin
Phone: +49-30-838-51596
Visit the website at

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China Fellowship Announcement

Research Fellowships Now Available

The Confucius China Studies Program Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship
provides generous funding and support for qualified U.S. and international
(non-Chinese) students who wish to pursue their doctoral research in China.

Funding awards range from six months to two years.

  • 80,000 RMB annual living stipend
  • 20,000 RMB annual research stipend
  • Insurance
  • Financial support for a research visit to China by home university advisor
  • Host university tuition
  • Reimbursement for the cost of round-trip, economy airfare
  • Currently enrolled in a doctoral program at a U.S. institution
  • Pursuing research in the arts, education, humanities, and social sciences that focuses on China
  • Have a minimum HSK score of level 3
  • Are not a Chinese citizen
  • Will not be recipients of other Chinese government scholarship funding
  • Will not have spent significant amount of time in China during the years of their secondary education
Application Deadline: January 29, 2015

 For more information, including application instructions, visit:

Monday, June 02, 2014

CFP: A Multitude of Encounters with Asia – Gender Perspectives

The conference and PhD Course are organized by RIKK - Centre for Women’s and Gender Research & EDDA – Center of Excellence, University of Iceland, NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and GAN - Gendering Asia Network One of the great challenges in increased relations with Asia through business, culture, life biographies, historical relations as well as ITC networks is to make the importance of gender visible. Encounters have become increasingly, mutually interrelated and perhaps even dependent in multiple ways. Economically encounters are wide-ranging with financial decisions made in one part of the world affecting the real lives of many in the other part of the world. In the political sphere the need for enhancing mutual understanding and tolerance grows every day. How can we understand these multiple links, interactions and encounters and how are they gendered? Some encounters are vividly obvious and others are less prominently visible, or perhaps consciously or unconsciously made obscure. How is knowledge of encounters being produced, by whom and for what purposes? This conference on macro and micro level encounters with Asia, including encounters between Asia and the Nordic countries, takes the traveling of theories, concepts, ideas, practices, products and people as its starting point and asks 1) How gender and gender relations play into, create, and are created in the course of a multitude of encounters 2) How transnational feminism has produced knowledge in the context of globalization Keynote speakers · Kathy Davis, Senior Research Fellow, Sociology, VU University, Amsterdam · Mary E. John, Senior Fellow, Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi · Wil Burghoorn, Senior Lecturer, Social Anthropology, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg More keynotes TBA Commentators for the PhD Course · Wil Burghoorn, Senior Lecturer, Social Anthropology, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg · Anna Karlsdottir, Assistant professor, Department of geography and tourism studies, University of Iceland · Cecilia Milwertz, Senior Researcher, NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies More commentators TBA Deadline for submitting abstract 15 June 2014 (maximum 300 words) For more information, please go to the conference website: